Sorrento Hotel – Belvedere

Sorrento Hotel belvedereFrom your hotel in Sorrento, you can easily reach the Villa Comunale and admire the stunning panoramic view overlooking the sea. The villa’s location is perfect,you can easily enjoy the shade offered by the many trees or step on to a terrace overlooking the sea with views of Mount Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples.

From the lookout you can take a windy stone path and then go down some steps, passing under Porta Greca to Marina Piccola, where you will find the port and beaches.

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Sorrento Hotel – Staying in Sorrento

Staying in Sorrento

Staying in Sorrento HotelFor over a century Sorrento, with its many hotels, has been a tourist destination for nobles and artists, as well as common people. The tourism offered is very diverse, it is very easy to find accommodation to suit your own budget in a hotel, guest house or B & B in the historic town centre or nearby.

Sorrento is not a very big city so you can visit it on foot. Thanks to numerous events offered it attracts tourists from all over the world throughout the year.

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Sorrento Hotel – Beaches of Sorrento

Sorrento Beaches

From your hotel in Sorrento, you can easily reach the beaches of the Sorrentine peninsula, among the most beautiful in Italy:

Baia di Puolo – Sorrento
1 km from the center of Sorrento towards Massa Lubrense with bathing facilities, beach, restaurants, café. Toll parking.

Spiaggia Lauro – Sorrento
2 km from the center of Sorrento towards Massa Lubrense with bathing facilities, toll parking, restaurant and café. No free beach.

Spiaggia Marina del Cantone (Nerano) – Massa Lubrense
A few km from Sorrento towards Massa Lubrense, with bath facilities, a small free beach with toll parking, restaurant and café, diving center.

Spiaggia San Francesco – Sorrento
At the port of Sorrento, you can find bathing facilities with toll parking. It is recommended to access the beach from the municipal villa, through stairs carved into the mountain. Diving center on site.

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Sorrento Hotel – Tasso Theatre

Tasso Theatre near Sorrento Hotel

Sorrento Hotel Tasso Theatre
During your stay in Sorrento hotel, you can attend cultural events and festivals. Many of these events are held at the historic Cinema “Teatro Tasso”, near to the ancient convent of the Theatine Fathers in Piazza S. Antonino. Dating from the 1920s the cinema screened the first ever films and also hosted the first Summer Opera Season organized by the Mastellone family.

Teatro Tasso shows more than a hundred performances of its famous “Sorrento Musical” each year between April and October. This has been the most tourist attended theatrical event for over ten years.

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Sorrento Hotel – Gastronomy

Gastronomy of Sorrento Hotel

Sorrento Hotel GastronomyTypical Sorrento dishes are simple and delicious, made with locally produced basic Italian ingredients. Variety is the strong aspect of Sorrento cuisine: you can switch from a characteristic seafood menu to the delights of the vast inland areas.

Cannelloni and gnocchi definitely rule, enriched with precious ingredients such as olive oil, tomatoes, cheese and traditional spices. There is, of course no lack of more delicate dishes such as pasta with zucchini (courgettes) and Caprese salad (mozzarella and tomato).

A typical DOC regional wineto accompany your meal cannot be missed! There is a plentiful choice on a very long list of traditional wines, including the old “Falerno”, the famous “Taurasi”, “Greco di Tufo” and “Lacryma Christi.”

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Sorrento Hotel – Things to see

Not to be missed in Sorrento

sorrento hotel not to be missed
Sorrento is a city that blends its maritime and rural identities. There are plenty of hotels and shopping centers for tourists to enjoy but also characteristic narrow streets that wind around the old citrus groves at the bottom of the hill.
The breathtaking landscape of Sorrentoallows your gaze to wander from the clear blue sea to the sloping green terraced hills abundant with citrus trees, olive trees and grapevines.Sorrento is the ideal city to spend your holiday thanks to its dry and mild climate.

Not to be missed:

  • Basilica della Madonna del Lauro (XVIII): historic restored building, renowned for its Nineteenth Century marble pulpit, with statues and inlaid wood furniture from the Eighteenth Century. The statue of Our Lady is an ancient Byzantine sculpture (VIII – IX century) that dates back to the period in which the territory of the peninsula was under the rule of Byzantium.
  • The old town centre is full of historical buildings with courtyards from the eighteenth century which are surrounded by evocative alleys that lead to the sea. A wonderful and characteristic “must see destination” on your trip to Sorrento.

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Sorrento Hotel – what is hotel?


Sorrento HotelA commercial establishment providing lodging, meals, and other guest services.
In general, to be called a hotel, an establishment must have a minimum of six letting bedrooms, at least three of which must have attached (ensuite) private bathroom facilities. Although hotels are classified into ‘Star’ categories (1-Star to 5-Star), there is no standard method of assigning these ratings, and compliance with customary requirements is voluntary.

A US hotel with a certain rating, for example, is may look very different from a European or Asian hotel with the same rating, and would provide a different level of amenities, range of facilities, and quality of service. Whereas hotel chains assure uniform standards throughout, non-chain hotels (even within the same country) may not agree on the same standards. In Germany, for example, only about 30 percent of the hotels choose to comply with the provisions of the rules established by the German Hotels & Restaurants association.

Although both WTO and ISO have been trying to persuade hotels to agree on some minimum requirements as world-wide norms, the entire membership of the Paris-based International Hotel & Restaurant (IH&RA) opposes any such move.
According to IH&RA, to harmonize hotel classification based on a single grading (which is uniform across national boundaries) would be an undesirable and impossible task. As a rough guide:

  • A 1-Star hotel provides a limited range of amenities and services, but adheres to a high standard of facility-wide cleanliness.
  • A 2-Star hotel provides good accommodation and better equipped bedrooms, each with a telephone and attached private bathroom.
  • A 3-Star hotel has more spacious rooms and adds high-class decorations and furnishings and color TV. It also offers one or more bars or lounges.
  • A 4-Star hotel is much more comfortable and larger, and provides excellent cuisine (table d’hote and a la carte), room service, and other amenities.
  • A 5-Star hotel offers most luxurious premises, widest range of guest services, as well as swimming pool and sport and exercise facilities.

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