Sorrento Hotel – Desserts


Dessert of Sorrento Hotel
Over the centuries the traditional art of Sorrento, pastry making was born in the convent kitchens for you to now enjoy during your hotel meals. You can try pastry puffs, marzipan, home-madeice-creams, lemon delights and cakes from Capri.

Do not forget to try a tasty slice of Pastiera or a Babà soaked in limoncello. You can also try Casatiello, Raffioli, made with frosted sponge cake, pastries made with pumpkin and almonds, walnuts, cherries or chocolate. Another traditional delight of the area are chocolates with limoncello or walnuts.

The most well known typical cake is the “Pastiera”. Usually prepared over Easter, it is one of the traditional desserts of Sorrento. The “Pastiera” is a short-crust pastry base filled with fresh ricottacheese mixed with orange flavored water and grains of wheat boiled in milk. Once these key ingredients are mixed together candied fruit, cinnamon, eggs and sugar are then added.

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