Sorrento Hotel – Belvedere

Sorrento Hotel belvedereFrom your hotel in Sorrento, you can easily reach the Villa Comunale and admire the stunning panoramic view overlooking the sea. The villa’s location is perfect,you can easily enjoy the shade offered by the many trees or step on to a terrace overlooking the sea with views of Mount Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples.

From the lookout you can take a windy stone path and then go down some steps, passing under Porta Greca to Marina Piccola, where you will find the port and beaches.

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Sorrento Hotel – Staying in Sorrento

Staying in Sorrento

Staying in Sorrento HotelFor over a century Sorrento, with its many hotels, has been a tourist destination for nobles and artists, as well as common people. The tourism offered is very diverse, it is very easy to find accommodation to suit your own budget in a hotel, guest house or B & B in the historic town centre or nearby.

Sorrento is not a very big city so you can visit it on foot. Thanks to numerous events offered it attracts tourists from all over the world throughout the year.

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Sorrento Hotel – Natural Paths

Sorrento Natural Paths

Sorrento hotel pathsFrom your hotel in Sorrento, you can easily walk and visit not only the town centre but also the natural beauty spots of the peninsula, just bring your jacket and hiking boots. The peninsula is surrounded by mountains, with the highest peaks of Mount Sant’Angelo a Tre Pizzi and Mount Faito.

You can follow many nature itineraries, which differ in duration and difficulty, from Monte Faito. For those who love bird-watching, you can come across birds like kestrel, buzzards and even nesting pairs of peregrine falcons have been sighted.

For those who want to tackle the most difficult and strenuous trails, you can reach Leranto Bay, a natural park established in 1982 in which there are numerous protected marine species.
The last two stages are in the inner part of the delightful peninsula, the plateau of Agerola and Gragnano, at the foot of the Lattari mountains.

Nestled in chestnut woods, the plateau of Agerola (700 metres) is famous for San Lazzaro from whose “belvedere” look out point you can see the Concadei Marini, with its magnificent “Grotta dello Smeraldo” (“Emerald Grotto”), so named for the color that water takes through the reflections of sunlight on the rock.
The final route, Gragnano, offers an excursion in the countryside departing from the road of the “Valle dei Mulini” (“Mills Valley”) to Amalfi.

You can also follow the mule track that leads to the foot of the medieval village of Castello, or take the forest trails that meander from Aurano to Mount Mogano with its woods.


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Sorrento Hotel – Beaches of Sorrento

Sorrento Beaches

From your hotel in Sorrento, you can easily reach the beaches of the Sorrentine peninsula, among the most beautiful in Italy:

Baia di Puolo – Sorrento
1 km from the center of Sorrento towards Massa Lubrense with bathing facilities, beach, restaurants, café. Toll parking.

Spiaggia Lauro – Sorrento
2 km from the center of Sorrento towards Massa Lubrense with bathing facilities, toll parking, restaurant and café. No free beach.

Spiaggia Marina del Cantone (Nerano) – Massa Lubrense
A few km from Sorrento towards Massa Lubrense, with bath facilities, a small free beach with toll parking, restaurant and café, diving center.

Spiaggia San Francesco – Sorrento
At the port of Sorrento, you can find bathing facilities with toll parking. It is recommended to access the beach from the municipal villa, through stairs carved into the mountain. Diving center on site.

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Sorrento Hotel – Tasso Theatre

Tasso Theatre near Sorrento Hotel

Sorrento Hotel Tasso Theatre
During your stay in Sorrento hotel, you can attend cultural events and festivals. Many of these events are held at the historic Cinema “Teatro Tasso”, near to the ancient convent of the Theatine Fathers in Piazza S. Antonino. Dating from the 1920s the cinema screened the first ever films and also hosted the first Summer Opera Season organized by the Mastellone family.

Teatro Tasso shows more than a hundred performances of its famous “Sorrento Musical” each year between April and October. This has been the most tourist attended theatrical event for over ten years.

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Sorrento Hotel – “Chiostro del Paradiso”

“Chiostro del Paradiso” – The Cloiser of St. Francis

Sorrento Hotel - Church of St.Francis
Nearby the Church of St. Francis you can visit The Cloister of St. Francis, which is located a short walk from your hotel in Sorrento. This is probably one of the oldest monuments of Sorrento, dating back to the Fourteenth Century, with influences of several architectural styles from different periods due to ongoing renovations.

The Cloisteris afavourite destination for many tourists who come to get married in a place where romance and absolute peace reign supreme.
It is well worth a visit!

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Sorrento Hotel – Gastronomy

Gastronomy of Sorrento Hotel

Sorrento Hotel GastronomyTypical Sorrento dishes are simple and delicious, made with locally produced basic Italian ingredients. Variety is the strong aspect of Sorrento cuisine: you can switch from a characteristic seafood menu to the delights of the vast inland areas.

Cannelloni and gnocchi definitely rule, enriched with precious ingredients such as olive oil, tomatoes, cheese and traditional spices. There is, of course no lack of more delicate dishes such as pasta with zucchini (courgettes) and Caprese salad (mozzarella and tomato).

A typical DOC regional wineto accompany your meal cannot be missed! There is a plentiful choice on a very long list of traditional wines, including the old “Falerno”, the famous “Taurasi”, “Greco di Tufo” and “Lacryma Christi.”

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Sorrento Hotel – Desserts


Dessert of Sorrento Hotel
Over the centuries the traditional art of Sorrento, pastry making was born in the convent kitchens for you to now enjoy during your hotel meals. You can try pastry puffs, marzipan, home-madeice-creams, lemon delights and cakes from Capri.

Do not forget to try a tasty slice of Pastiera or a Babà soaked in limoncello. You can also try Casatiello, Raffioli, made with frosted sponge cake, pastries made with pumpkin and almonds, walnuts, cherries or chocolate. Another traditional delight of the area are chocolates with limoncello or walnuts.

The most well known typical cake is the “Pastiera”. Usually prepared over Easter, it is one of the traditional desserts of Sorrento. The “Pastiera” is a short-crust pastry base filled with fresh ricottacheese mixed with orange flavored water and grains of wheat boiled in milk. Once these key ingredients are mixed together candied fruit, cinnamon, eggs and sugar are then added.

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Sorrento Hotel – Sorrento

sorrento hotel viewAn unashamed resort, Sorrento is still a civilized old town. Even the souvenirs are a cut above the norm, with plenty of fine old shops selling ceramics, lacework and intarsio (marquetry items) – famously produced here. The main drawback is the lack of a proper beach; the town straddles the cliffs overlooking the water to Naples and Mt Vesuvius.

Sorrento makes a good base for exploring the surrounding area: to the south, the best of the peninsula’s unspoilt countryside and, to the east, the Amalfi Coast; to the north, Pompeii and the archaeological sites; offshore, the fabled island of Capri.

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